Individual translation,
text editing 
and creation of subtitles

Translabor is a translation, editing, proofreading, transcription and subtitling agency founded by Roisin Cronin in Berlin in 2009. In 2016, Translabor GbR was launched with partners Stefan Ernsting and Jacob Watson.



specialises primarily in the academic sector. However, our clients also include TV and film productions, comic publishers and renowned institutions from a wide range of fields.

The Tandem Principle

Translabor generally works on every text with two different native speakers in order to avoid misunderstandings and errors as much as possible. You receive translation and proofreading in one.


This is us


Roisin Cronin

As an editor, translator, writing coach, and social science nerd, she has helped hundreds of academics to get published.


Stefan Ernsting

Author of two books and translator of countless texts for print, online, film, TV, comics


Jacob Watson

Wordsmith, translator and proofreader, he recently co-edited and authored “Sensing Collectives | aesthetic and political practices intertwined”;



Classic translation

– Based on the number of standard lines (55 characters incl. spaces per line) and complexity of the text.

– Minimum text length: 10 lines

Direct translation in the format of your choice – From PSD to PPTX

Translabor specialises in the direct translation of texts in a variety of formats such as PowerPoint presentations, subtitle tracks, Excel files or Photoshop layers for comic speech bubbles. In concrete terms, we can usually implement almost all translations directly in the supplied format. This saves time and money if the translation of a presentation does not have to be laboriously copied and adapted into the target format by a graphic designer.

Selection of possible formats for translations:

  • .doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, .docm, .dotm, .rtf, .ppt, .pptx, .pot, .potx, .pptm, .potm, .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .xltx, .xlsm, .xltm
  • .htm, .html
  • .idml (.indd), .icml, .mif (version 8 and above only), .svg
  • .ttx (pre-segmented), .sdlxliff
  • .xml, .xhtm, .xhtml, Android .xml
  • .xliff (1.2), xliff (2.0), .xliff for WordPress, .tmx
  • .dita, .ditamap
  • .catkeys, .csv, (Magento).csv, .dbk, .desktop, (Mozilla).DTD, .epub, (Joomla).ini, .json, .lang, .Plist, .po, .properties, (Java).properties, .resx, .srt, .strings, .sub, .ts, .txt, .wiki, .yaml

Correction, rewriting and structuring of texts that are already fully or partially available in English.


Audio or video in almost any format

Academic Writing Workshop

A combined editing-coaching service for English-language texts.

In conventional editing, the aim is to produce the perfect text, with no errors or ambiguities. By contrast, in the Academic Writing Workshop, we are aiming to make you a better writer.

There is an old saying that states “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” The former is conventional editing. The latter is the Academic Writing Workshop.
Rather than just correcting mistakes, we insert thought-provoking comments to make you start thinking about the problem and come up with some solutions. We then look at the solutions you come up with and discuss them in a virtual meeting. In the process, you get a chance to push your writing to a new level.